Kangaroo Coin Set (£1)

The craftsmanship is superb and kangaroo coin set is by far the most outstanding coin set ever offered. Close-up visual magic of the highest order is easily achieved by the use of the principles involved. The following is one of the many effects possible with this combination set of coins:

Four coins are shown both sides, two £1 coins and two 1p coins, as well as two polished brass caps. One of each of the coins are covered by separate brass caps and are positioned four to six inches apart. The second £1 coin is placed on top of the cap containing the other £1, and the same is done with the second penny. The performer lifts both caps and marker coins to show that each coin does, in fact, mark its counterpart. Now, without any false moves, the marker coins are switched position, i.e., the marker £1 coin is placed on the cap containing the penny, and the marker penny is placed on the cap containing the £1 coin.

A wave of the hand over the caps and coins and it is found that the £1 coins are together again, on and under one cap, and that the 1p coins also have invisbly passed across to join each other. The caps are replaced and the coins again switch positions: the amazing transposition takes place again. Nothing will stop the concealed coins from joining the similar marker coins as they are switched. The caps can be lifted at any time to show that the two £1 coins are together, and the same applies with the 1p coins. The transposition can be repeated as many times as may be required.

Price: £40.00