Coin Unique (£1 - 1p)

Our biggest ever selling magic effect. This is a real knockout of a trick with a whole multitude of uses and applications One possible routine goes like this:- Two coins are shown, a penny and a £1 coin, and any ordinary glass tumbler. The glass is held in a horizontal position, parallel to the body, with the base of the glass pointing away from the body. In actual fact, the hand is around the glass, the fingers curled over the top with the thumb below and more towards the base of the glass than the mouth. Got it?

First the penny, then the £1 coin, are placed in the glass so that the larger coin slightly overlaps the smaller coin. Both coins are placed as near to the mouth of the glass as possible. All set. The glass is tilted to an upright position, mouth uppermost, and both the coins slide and hit the bottom of the glass. Then an amazing thing happens. It appears that one of the coins somehow penetrates the bottom of the glass and falls out onto the table. The remaining coin is tipped from the glass and tossed into the air, proving that nothing remains in the glass, which can be passed round for examination.

Price: £30.00

Please note: This effect is also available as a Euro (€1-50¢) version.