Chinese Sting

You show six Poker Chips each with a coloured disc set in the recess on the reverse side. There are three pairs of colours. One of each of the pairs of chips is turned over. These three chips are shuffled around by your audience, so that no one could possibly know which of the chips is a match for the face-up colours.

The audience are asked to choose a chip which does not match up with the face-up colours. As each choice is made you place the selected chip (colour side down) on top of the face-up colours, as your audience directs. They have a perfectly free choice as to which chip is placed on to which colour.

After explaining that the odds of winning are greatly in favour of the audience, you turn over the top three chips and it is seen that all the colours match, and needless to say the audience are dumbstruck.

Price: £32.00