Coin Unique (£1 - 1p)

Our biggest ever selling magic effect. This is a real knockout of a trick with a whole multitude of uses and applications One possible routine goes like this:- Two coins are shown, a penny and a £1 coin, and any ordinary glass tumbler. The glass is held in a horizontal position, parallel to the body, with the base of the glass pointing away from the body. In actual fact, the hand is around the glass, the fingers curled over the top with the thumb below and more towards the base of the glass than the mouth. Got it?

First the penny, then the £1 coin, are placed in the glass so that the larger coin slightly overlaps the smaller coin. Both coins are placed as near to the mouth of the glass as possible. All set. The glass is tilted to an upright position, mouth uppermost, and both the coins slide and hit the bottom of the glass. Then an amazing thing happens. It appears that one of the coins somehow penetrates the bottom of the glass and falls out onto the table. The remaining coin is tipped from the glass and tossed into the air, proving that nothing remains in the glass, which can be passed round for examination.

Price: £30.00

Please note: This effect is also available as a Euro (€1-50¢) version.

Copper Sandwich (£1 - 1p)

The lid is removed and the brass box is shown to be empty. Three coins are placed in the box, a 50p coin, a copper 1p coin and a £1 coin. The lid is replaced and the box picked up between finger and thumb. A spectator is requested to tap on the lid of the box. He does so, and immediately one coin penetrates and falls from the base of the box - the copper coin. The lid is again removed and the two remaiing coins are tipped out. Sounds impossible, but it is accomplished very easily with the special box and coins provided. All you add to the set is a regular 50p coin.

Price: £50.00

Please note: This effect is also available as a Euro (€1-50¢) version

Kangaroo Coin Set (£1)

The craftsmanship is superb and kangaroo coin set is by far the most outstanding coin set ever offered. Close-up visual magic of the highest order is easily achieved by the use of the principles involved. The following is one of the many effects possible with this combination set of coins:

Four coins are shown both sides, two £1 coins and two 1p coins, as well as two polished brass caps. One of each of the coins are covered by separate brass caps and are positioned four to six inches apart. The second £1 coin is placed on top of the cap containing the other £1, and the same is done with the second penny. The performer lifts both caps and marker coins to show that each coin does, in fact, mark its counterpart. Now, without any false moves, the marker coins are switched position, i.e., the marker £1 coin is placed on the cap containing the penny, and the marker penny is placed on the cap containing the £1 coin.

A wave of the hand over the caps and coins and it is found that the £1 coins are together again, on and under one cap, and that the 1p coins also have invisbly passed across to join each other. The caps are replaced and the coins again switch positions: the amazing transposition takes place again. Nothing will stop the concealed coins from joining the similar marker coins as they are switched. The caps can be lifted at any time to show that the two £1 coins are together, and the same applies with the 1p coins. The transposition can be repeated as many times as may be required.

Price: £40.00

Oriental Shift

A copper coin, an oriental brass coin and a silver £2 coin are placed in the right hand, each one slightly overlapping the other in the above order. The hand is closed over the three coins and one coin removed and placed on the back of the right hand - this coin is the silver £2 coin.

The silver coin is tossed from the back of the right hand into the left palm. So we should have copper coin and brass coin in the right hand and the silver coin in the left. Both hands remain closed up to this point, but when the left hand is opened it actually reveals a copper coin and a brass coin! And when the right hand opens it reveals the silver coin - for a truly fantastic three coin transposition!

Price: £36.00

Emperor Coin

An Oriental coin is shown in a slim plastic wallet, together with a single playing card. The performer calls attention to the hole in the Oriental coin and tells the story of an Ancient Chinese Emperor.

The coin and card are removed from the wallet. The coin is rubbed between the finger and thumb and the hole disappears. The coin is balanced on the middle finger and tapped with the playing card, when the hole returns in the coin

Price: £20.00

Cigarette Thro' Coin (£1)

Borrow a coin and a cigarette (or pencil), then right under their noses proceed to push the cigarette right through the £1 coin. Allow a few seconds for the effect to hit them, then slowly pull the cigarette out and hand back the borrowed items. A timeless classic.

The special coin as you will see on examining it, is a beautifully engineered piece of craftsmanship. Handle it with care and it should give you many, many years of pleasure when working the effect.

Price: £30.00

Gibson Chinese Bit (£2)

Three previously examined coins are used: a Two Pound Coin, an old-type English Penny and a Chinese coin. The Penny and Chinese coin are placed in the right hand and the Two Pound Coin in the left. Without any suspicious moves the coins are shown to have transposed, the Two Pound Coin appearing in the right hand and the Penny and Chinese coin in the left.

The Penny is then placed in the pocket but it instantly returns to the hand, while the Two Pound Coin vanishes from the hand and appears in the pocket. The Chinese coin is placed in the pocket, the Penny in the left hand and the Two Pound Coin in the right. Seconds later the Two Pound Coin is seen resting in the left hand while the Penny is in the right hand.

This is repeated once again but this time the Chinese coin appears next to the Penny in the right hand. The Two Pound Coin is then placed in the right hand and the Penny and Chinese coin in the left. Both hands are closed and instantly opened to reveal the Two Pound Coin in the left hand and the Penny and Chinese coin in the right. This is repeated twice more and then the coins are handed out once again to be examined.

Price: £44.00

Please note: This effect is also available as a US Half Dollar version.

The Zambini Box

This effect is self working, with no skill required except skill in presentation. The box and lid are shown together with a small brass disc or slug the size of a coin. The brass disc is placed into the box and the lid is repositioned on the box. The above patter can be recited, and the magic words “Hakim Zambini” spoken as the lid is removed to reveal that the brass disc has been converted into a £1 Coin.

Price: £40.00

Salt And Pepper (10p)

A brand new effect for 2009. Two coins (one at a time) vanish from the hands and appear first under a salt shaker, then under a pepper shaker as many times as the performer requires. Then both coins are taken together and vanish from the hands and appear under both shakers simultaneously!

Price: £40.00

Please note: This effect is also available as a US (50¢) Half Dollar, a US Quarter (25¢), a Euro (50¢) and an English 2p version.

Twist Off (Nut Off Bolt)

A brass nut and a brass bolt are shown. The nut is threaded on the bolt. The assembled nut and bolt are covered with a handkerchief. The performer makes a few magical passes with the hands over the handkerchief and a movement is seen under the handkerchief.

After the movement ceases the handkerchief is removed and it is seen that some mysterious force has removed the nut from the bolt, the bolt somehow moving away from the nut.

Price: £40.00

Casino Coins

A lovely little quickie that looks like sleight of hand. Two casino chips are shown and turned over as they are passed from hand to hand to show two different colours. A short story is told about being down to the last two chips in a gambling casino, having lost all available cash. In two minds, not knowing whether to play the last chips or cash them in and get a bus home, first one chip changes to a copper coin before the second chip changes to a silver coin. Visual magic right under the spectator’s nose. The video below describes a different patter you could use.

Price: £18.00

Please note: This effect is also available in two other variations - an Old English Penny version and a Chinese Coin version.

Le Polyvalent Piece

A Chinese coin and a 2p coin are placed in the right hand, the hand is closed into a fist. The left hand is closed into a fist. With both hands well apart, a magic pass is made and one of the coins (the 2p) falls from the left hand. The right hand is opened to disclose just one coin (the Chinese coin). Both hands are again closed (the right hand holds the Chinese coin).

The right fist does a circular movement over the left fist, which slowly opens to reveal that the Chinese coin is now in the left fist (open the fingers slowly). What remains in the right fist? The right hand fingers slowly open and on the palm is a £2 coin!

Price: £40.00

Please note: This effect is also available as a US Half Dollar version.

Nest Of Coins (£1)

Acknowledged to be the finest, this is a superbly engineered set of coins, shown both sides to begin with. Three coins are laid in a row on the table. The performer draws attention to them by turning each one over, showing that they are a £1 coin, a 5p coin and a 1p coin respectively. The hands are shown completely empty, the coins are covered with a handkerchief. The performer now slowly and deliberately takes each coin from under the handkerchief and places them in his pocket one by one. But when the handkerchief is lifted, all the coins are seen back under the handkerchief.

Price: £30.00

Chinese Sting

You show six Poker Chips each with a coloured disc set in the recess on the reverse side. There are three pairs of colours. One of each of the pairs of chips is turned over. These three chips are shuffled around by your audience, so that no one could possibly know which of the chips is a match for the face-up colours.

The audience are asked to choose a chip which does not match up with the face-up colours. As each choice is made you place the selected chip (colour side down) on top of the face-up colours, as your audience directs. They have a perfectly free choice as to which chip is placed on to which colour.

After explaining that the odds of winning are greatly in favour of the audience, you turn over the top three chips and it is seen that all the colours match, and needless to say the audience are dumbstruck.

Price: £32.00

Chinese Maverick Coin

You show two coins, a £2 coin and a Chinese coin. You take the Chinese coin in your left hand and place it into a pocket, but immediately show that the coin has returned to your right hand, back alongside the £2 coin.

The two coins are held above a coloured card and dropped onto it. The Chinese coin vanishes and is found to have penetrated the card. Both coins are now placed on the coloured side of the card, and transpose with each other a couple of times.

The Chinese coin is finally then taken away once more and placed in a pocket, but returns to the underside of the card in place of the £2 coin. The £2 coin is retrieved from the pocket for a clean transposition.

Price: £40.00

Please note: This effect is also available as a US version.


A polished brass washer is placed on top of a £2 coin. The £2 coin can be seen at all times through the hole in the brass washer. The performer patters about alchemists, people who tried to turn base metal into gold. To this end, a spectator is asked to blow on the £2 coin through the hole in the washer.

Instantly, the £2 coin undergoes a magical transformation, turning into an ordinary 1p coin: a truly great visual change! As the performer then goes on to explain, every attempt at alchemy throughout history has ended the same way: a WASHOUT!

Price: £40.00

Oriental Silver

Two coins transpose through a card ad infinitum. The performer holds a playing card in their left hand. With the other hand, place the oriental coin on the card, followed by a £2 coin. The two coins are transposed through the playing card over and over again. At the end the card and both coins can be fully examined by the spectator, for a very effective finish to a visually impressive piece of close-up magic.

Price: £26.00

Aqua-Okito Box

Request that the spectator mentally selects one of four coins, and have them then place all four coins into the box in any desired order. Place the lid on the box yourself, and suggest to the spectator that it would indeed be magical if, upon removing the lid, the only coin to be dropped from the box and onto their hand would be the secretly selected coin.

Request that the spectator holds out their hand in anticipation of the miracle. SPLASH! Into the spectator’s hand is poured nothing but pure water - all of the coins having completely disappeared!

Price: £24.00

Miscellaneous Effects

We also stock a number of other effects including...

Magnetic 1p
Magnetic 10p
Magnetic £1
Magnetic €2
Magnetic €1
Magnetic 50¢
Magnetic Chinese Coin

Doubled Sided 10p
Doubled Sided 2p
Doubled Sided 50¢

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